External scholarship deadline dates


ISER (Institute of Social Economic Research) Research Grants

Deadline: March 1

Web site: www.mun.ca/iser

Research grants are available from ISER to graduate students, faculty members or non-affiliated scholars from within Memorial University of Newfoundland or elsewhere whose research falls within the ISER mandate. For more information regarding these grants and application forms, please visit their web site.

Engineers Canada National Scholarship Program Competition

Deadline: March 1

Web site: www.engineerscanada.ca

Below are scholarships offered by Engineers Canada to reward excellence in the Canadian engineering profession and support advanced studies and research. To be eligible, one must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and must be registered as professional engineers in good standing in Canada. For more information on the scholarships listed below, please visit the web site.

Engineers Canada - Manulife Financial Scholarship - Three scholarships, valued at $12,500 each, are offered to engineers returning to university for further research and studies in the engineering related field.

Engineers Canada - TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Léopold Nadeau Scholarship - One scholarship, valued at $10,000 will be awarded to support an engineer returning to university for further studies or research in the area of public policy development.

Engineers Canada - TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Scholarship - Three scholarships, valued at $7,500 each, are offered to engineers returning to university for further studies or research in a field other than engineering.

Graduate Fellowships and Grants (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta)

Deadline: March 1

Website: www.cius.ca

The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies offers graduate fellowships to master’s and doctoral students, as well as undergraduate and postdoctoral fellowships to students, and grants to scholars to help support Ukrainian studies in Canada and internationally. For further information on the following fellowships, grants and other awards not listed, please visit their web site.

  • Neparany Doctoral Fellowship
  • Helen Darcovich Memorial Doctoral Fellowship
  • Marusia and Michael Dorosh Master’s Fellowship
  • Research Grants (In Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian Studies in History, Literature, Language, Education, Social Sciences and Library Sciences)

ISER (Institute of Social Economic Research) Master Fellowships

Deadline: March 1

Web site: www.mun.ca/iser

These fellowships are available only to students enrolled in a master’s program at Memorial University and whose research project falls under the Institute’s research mandate.A master's fellowship is granted for one year in the student's second year of their program.For further information regarding these fellowships and other funding, please visit their web site.

ISER (Institute of Social Economic Research) Annual Student Essay Prize

Deadline: March 1

Web site: www.mun.ca/iser
The annual prize competition is open to graduate and honors students who are currently enrolled in a program of studies or who have completed a program of studies within the last 12 months at Memorial University. The value of the prize is $500 and the essay can be on any topic within the mandate of ISER. For more information regarding this competition, please visit their web site.

SEG Foundation Scholarship Program

Deadline: March 1

Web site: http://foundation.seg.org/scholarships/index.shtml

This scholarship program offers a number of scholarships to students attending university and pursuing a career in exploration geophysics or a closely related field. Further information regarding this program and online applications are available from their web site.

AAC Student Scholarship ( Aquaculture Assoc. of Canada)

Deadline: March 1

Web site: www.aquacultureassociation.ca

The AAC Student Scholarships valued at $1,000 each will be awarded to any student enrolled in a post-secondary institution in an aquaculture-related program. Successful students are not eligible to reapply and proof of enrollment is required. Recipients must be an AAC member to receive this scholarship, but does not need to be a member to apply. The selection criteria includes a transcript, interest and involvement in aquaculture, publication record, a letter of support, and a short (250 words) essay on where the applicant see him/herself contributing to sustainable aquaculture development in Canada in the future. The application must be submitted electronically (PDF preferred).

John W. Davies Memorial Award

Deadline:March 7

Email: B.Seligman@shell.com

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Arctic Section is offering a scholarship award of $1,000 in memory of John W. Davies, a former Chairman of the Section. The competition is open to any full-time graduate student at a recognized University in Canada whose research will assist in providing solution to problems encountered in the Canadian Arctic or in cold ocean environments. Specifically the research may be in one of the following areas: marine transportation, exploitation of offshore resources, eco-systems that impact or may impact the exploitation of Arctic/cold ocean resources, or special areas of research for Arctic/cold ocean environments. To apply, one must submit an abstract of approximately 500 words explaining the objectives of the research being undertaken, progress to date, and how this research is to be applied in the Arctic or to cold ocean environments is to be submitted. As well, one would also submit a resume, a transcript and three letters of reference, two of which being former or current professors. For further information, you may email to the above address.

Applications must be sent to: John W. Davies Memorial Award

c/o Mr. Ben Seligman, Project Development Specialist, Shell Canada Energy,

400-4th Avenue S.W., P. O. Box 100 Station “M”, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2H5

Foreign Government Awards Program

Deadline: March 7 (Korea) and April 23 (Russia)

Web site: www.scholarships.gc.ca

The Foreign Government Awards are available to help assist Canadian graduate students to further their studies or conduct research abroad at the master's, doctoral, or postdoctoral level. Information and on-line applications are available from their web site

Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship (Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership)

Deadline: March 8

Web site: www.globalelectricity.org

The ESED Scholarship program provides scholarships of US$ 23,000 per year for up to two years to outstanding students pursuing advanced studies in sustainable energy development and to encourage meaningful contributions to the collective body of knowledge about this subject.This program is available to students at the Masters level in areas directly related to sustainable energy development and who are citizens of the developing countries and territories identified for OECD official development aid.For more information on this program, and how to apply, please visit their web site.

Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) Graduate Student Stipend Award
Deadline: March 9
Website: www.cnie-rcie.ca
The goal of the CNIE Graduate Student Stipend Award is to promote graduate student research in distance, online, and distributed education theory and practice. It is open to all graduate student members of CNIE-RCIÉ who are actively engaged in research associated with a project, thesis, or dissertation at the Masters or PhD level. For further details, please view their web site.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) Scholarships

Deadline: March 15

Web site: www.aucc.ca

The AUCC offers a number of scholarships with various deadlines throughout the year. The fellowship program listed below is currently open for competition and complete details may be obtained from their web site.

UNESCO - L'Oréal For Women in Science International Fellowships - are valued at $20,000 USD per year for two years and will be awarded to young women at the doctoral or postdoctoral level in the field of Life Sciences. Candidates must conduct their research at a host institution outside of Canada. For more details on this program and how to apply, please visit the web site.

The Eliza Ritchie Doctoral Scholarship for Women - Dalhousie University
Deadline: March 15
Web site: www.dalgrad.dal.ca/forms
The Eliza Ritchie Doctoral Scholarship for Women is intended to attract outstanding female students into a program of studies leading to the PhD degree. To be eligible, students must have been accepted into a PhD program at Dalhousie University before applying and are Canadian citizens or permanent residents; with preference given to candidates from one of the Atlantic Provinces. Please visit their web site for further information and application forms.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society - Masters Studentships

Deadline: March 15

Website: www.rcgs.org

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is providing Studentships in Human Geography and Northern Geography. These studentships will be awarded to a student in a Master’s program at a Canadian university and engaged in thesis research related to the areas of human geography or northern geography. For more information on how to apply, please visit their web site.

Scholarships for Study and Research in France (Embassy of France in Canada)

Deadline: March 15

Web site: www.ambafrance-ca.org

Scholarships are now available for graduate students to study and research in France. For more information please visit their web site.

Sheldon Chumir Internship in Ethics in Leadership (The Sheldon Chumir Foundation)

Deadline: March 15

Web site: www.chumirethicsfoundation.ca

Applications are invited from senior students or graduate students in any field relevant to ethics in leadership for a nine-month Internship sponsored by the Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership. The successful candidate will have the experience necessary to use the period of Internship effectively, working with the Foundation in Calgary on research, program development and implementation, publications and community outreach. For further information, please visit their web site.

Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC) - Scholarships for Studies in Co-operation

Deadline: March 16

Web site: http://www.usaskstudies.coop

The Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation is offering three awards to support research in co-operatives and co-operation which will contribute to the co-operative movement in Canada or abroad. Application forms for the following three awards can be obtained from their web site.
Alexander Fraser Laidlaw Fellowship (graduate students only)
Amy and Tim Dauphinee Scholarship (graduate students only)
Lemaire Co-operative Studies Awards (undergrad. or graduate students)

UCL Graduate School Research Scholarship (University College London)

Deadline: March 19

Website: www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/financial-matters/scholarship/graduate/

A number of scholarships are available to academically outstanding candidates who have been selected for admission to a master's or doctoral program in any of the UCL's departments. For more information on how to apply, please go to their web site.

The Rabin Scholarship (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Deadline:March 21

Web site: www.cfhu.org/students-rabin-scholarship

This scholarship, valued at US$15,000, provides an opportunity for a student to spend one academic year in Jerusalem, Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.It is open to applicants who are enrolled in an accredited doctoral or post doctoral program focusing on areas relating to the pursuit of peace.The applicant must be a Canadian citizen, but not necessarily enrolled at a Canadian university.For further information on this scholarship, please visit the web site.

The Sangster Award (CNC/CODATA)

Deadline: March 31

Web site: www.codata.org/canada/sangster

The Canadian National Committee for CODATA (CNC/CODATA) is accepting applications for the Sangster Award. It is valued at Can. $3,000 and will enable a graduate student enrolled in a Canadian University, or a graduate who has completed his or her graduate degree within 3 years of the application deadline, to attend and present their work at the 23rd International CODATA conference. For more information on this award and the conference, please visit their web site.


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