Major in Nutrition

Nutrition, offered through the Department of Biochemistry, is the science that studies the means by which we take in and utilize food. Nutritionists study the metabolism of foods: how foods are converted and used by the body.

WHAT YOU CAN BECOME Chiropractor, clinical laboratory technician, health services professional, occupational therapist, optometrist, pharmaceutical representative, physical therapist, veterinarian.

Students pursuing a B.Sc. with a major in nutrition will normally take the following courses in first year:

Sample Program

Semester I Semester II
Chemistry 1010 (1050)* Chemistry 1011 (1051)
Physics 1020 (1050)** Physics 1021 (1051)
Biology 1001 Biology 1002
Mathematics 1090 (or 1000)*** Mathematics 1000 or elective
English 1080 English 1101, 1102, 1103 or 1110


*Students registered in Chemistry 1050 must also be registered in Mathematics 1000 (not 1090).

**Students registered in Physics 1050 must also be registered in Mathematics 1000 (not 1090).

***Students admitted directly to Mathematics 1000 may take an elective in the second semester.


1. Entry to the nutrition majors program is based on academic standing. To be considered for admission you must have at least 30 credit hours and have successfully completed the following courses with a minimum overall average of 60 per cent:

  • English 1080, 1110 (or equivalent)
  • Mathematics 1090, 1000 (or Mathematics 1000 and an elective)
  • Chemistry 1010, 1011 (or 1050, 1051)
  • Physics 1020, 1021 (or 1050, 1051), or Biology 1001, 1002

2. Applicants to the nutrition major are strongly recommended to apply for admission by May 31. Failure to apply by this date may result in your application not being processed before your registration time.

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