Major in Chemistry/Computational Chemistry

Chemistry is the science of the composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems. The synthesis of new drugs, the production of novel materials and the monitoring and improvement of our environment all involve the science of chemistry.

WHAT YOU CAN BECOME Chemical oceanographer, forensic laboratory scientist, food and drug analyst, environmental health specialist, food scientist, optometrist, science teacher, radiologist, polymer chemist, metallurgical analyst, agricultural chemist, medical doctor, dentist, pharmaceutical scientist, environmental policy analyst, medical research scientist.

Students pursuing a B.Sc. with a major in chemistry or computational chemistry will normally take the following courses in first year:

Sample Program

Semester I Semester II
Chemistry 1050 (1010)* Chemistry 1051 (1011)*
Physics 1050 (1020)** Physics 1051**
Mathematics 1000 (1090)*** Mathematics 1001 (1000)***
English 1080 English 1101, 1102, 1103 or 1110
Elective**** Elective****


*Students registered in Chemistry 1050 must also be registered in Mathematics 1000 (not 1090). Students completing Chemistry 1010/1011 will be required to complete Chemistry 1031 as well. Students attending Grenfell Campus will normally complete Chemistry 1200/1001 in first year.

**Students registered in Physics 1050 must also be registered in Mathematics 1000 (not 1090). All students will be required to complete Physics 1051. Students who complete Physics 1050 with at least 50 per cent or Physics 1020 with at least 65 per cent should take Physics 1051 in the winter semester.

***Students completing Mathematics 1090/1000 will be required to complete Mathematics 1001 as well. Math 1001 can be taken during the Spring semester in order to enable chemistry majors to register for Chemistry 2301 in the Fall of their second year.

****Students wishing to major in Computational Chemistry should take Computer Science 1510 and Computer Science 1710 in place of the electives in the sample first-year program.


Students wishing to major in chemistry should try to achieve a 65 per cent average or better in their first-year chemistry, mathematics and physics courses, and to complete these courses in their first two semesters.

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