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Biology/Biology (Cell and Molecular)/Biology (Ecology and Conservation)/Biology (Marine)

Biology is the study of life and of living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution. Within the biology program a student can specialize in areas such as cellular, developmental and molecular biology and physiology, genetics and evolution, marine biology and conservation and ecology.

WHAT YOU CAN BECOME Fisheries officer, wildlife or conservation officer, marine or aquaculture biologist, bio or medical technologist, horticulturist, science teacher, medical doctor, veterinarian.

The Department of Biology offers four B.Sc. programs: Biology, Biology (Cell and Molecular), Biology (Ecology and Conservation), and Biology (Marine). Students pursuing a B.Sc. with a major in any of these four programs will normally take the following courses in first year:

Sample Program

Semester I Semester II
Biology 1001 Biology 1002
Chemistry 1010 (1050)* Chemistry 1011 (1051)
Physics 1020 (1050)** Physics 1021 (1051)
Mathematics 1090*** Mathematics 1000
English 1080 English 1101, 1102, 1103 or 1110


*Students registered in Chemistry 1050 must also be registered in Mathematics 1000 (not 1090). Students attending Grenfell Campus will normally complete Chem 1200/1001 in their first year.

**Students registered in Physics 1050 must also be registered in Mathematics 1000 (not 1090).

***or Mathematics 1000 in Fall semester and an elective in Winter semester (see note 4 below)


1. To be admitted to a biology majors program, you must obtain an average of 65 per cent in Biology 1001/1002 and have a minimum overall average of 60 per cent in the following courses:

  • English 1080, 1110 (or equivalent)
  • Mathematics 1090, 1000 (or Mathematics 1000 and an elective)
  • Chemistry 1010/1011 or Chemistry 1050/1051 or Physics 1020/1021 or 1050/1051 or 1020/1051

2. In order to complete any biology major program in eight semesters, the two first-year chemistry courses must be completed in the first year because they are prerequisites for courses normally taken in the second year by biology majors.

3. The two first-year physics courses are also required for all majors in biology and should be completed in the first year in order to avoid timetable conflicts that arise in year two.

4. For all biology majors, the mathematics requirement is Mathematics 1000. Students who take Mathematics 1000 in first semester will be able to take an extra first-year elective that can be counted towards the entrance requirements for their biology majors program. However, many students elect to take Mathematics 1090 in preparation for Mathematics 1000.

5. Students intending to major in any B.Sc. program in biology must submit a departmental application form to the Department of Biology (SN-3125) declaring their major. Forms are usually submitted during the second semester. Students will not be admitted into a biology majors program until they have met the entrance requirements listed above.


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