Major in Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes associated with living organisms. Biochemists use concepts of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, microbiology and genetics to unravel the complex puzzles of life.

WHAT YOU CAN BECOME Biochemist, biotechnologist, chiropractor, clinical biochemist, dentist, environmental health specialist, medical doctor, optometrist, research technician, science teacher, lawyer.

Students pursuing a B.Sc. with a major in biochemistry will normally take the following courses in first year:

Sample Program

Semester I Semester II
Chemistry 1050 (1010)* Chemistry 1051 (1011)*
Physics 1050 (1020)** Physics 1051**
Mathematics 1000 (1090)*** Mathematics 1001 (1000)***
English 1080 English 1101, 1102, 1103 or 1110
Biology 1001 or Elective Biology 1002 or Elective


*Students registered in Chemistry 1050 must also be registered in Mathematics 1000 (not 1090). Students completing Chemistry 1010/1011 will be required to complete Chemistry 1031 as well. Students attending Grenfell Campus will normally complete Chemistry 1200/1001 in first year.

**Students registered in Physics 1050 must also be registered in Mathematics 1000 (not 1090). All students will be required to complete Physics 1051. Students who complete Physics 1050 with at least 50 per cent or Physics 1020 with at least 65 per cent should take Physics 1051.

***Students completing Mathematics 1090/1000 will be required to complete Mathematics 1001 as well.


1. Entry to the biochemistry major program is based on academic standing. To be considered for admission to the program you must have at least 30 credit hours in courses and have successfully completed the following courses (or their equivalents) with a minimum overall average of 60 per cent:

  • English 1080, 1110 (or equivalent)
  • Chemistry 1050, 1051, (or 1010, 1011)
  • Mathematics 1000 (or 1090, 1000), 1001
  • Physics 1050, 1051 (or 1020, 1021), or Biology 1001, 1002

In addition, you must be eligible for entry into Chemistry 2400.

2. Biochemistry majors are required to complete Biology 1001/1002 which may be taken in place of physics in the first year. However, it is recommended that both physics and biology courses be taken in the first year (with no elective).

3. a) In order to complete the biochemistry major program within four years you must be eligible for Chemistry 2400 in the fall semester of your second year. The prerequisite for Chemistry 2400 is Chemistry 1051 or 1031; or a grade of 80 per cent in each of Chemistry 1010 and 1011; or a grade of 85 per cent in Chemistry 1011; or a grade of 65 per cent in Chemistry 1001.

b) All biochemistry majors who complete Chemistry 1010/1011 must complete Chemistry 1031 as it is a prerequisite for Chemistry 2300. It is strongly recommended that you complete 1031 in the spring semester before beginning your second year of studies.

4. Applicants to the biochemistry major are strongly recommended to apply for admission by May 31. Failure to apply by this date may result in your application not being processed before your registration time.

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