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Physical Sciences Stores - Process for Ordering

(In effect until further notification)

Due to the physical relocation of chemical and non-chemical stock as required for ongoing renovations, there will be longer processing times experienced for staff to fill stock requests. Please prepare purchases and stock requests as far in advance as possible to ensure your requirements are met.

As indicated in previous communications forward all stock order requests, chemical and non-chemical, to This e-mail will serve as a pre-notification and will allow stores staff to prepare the stock being requested and reduce the customer wait time at the service counter. Again please understand that the amount of time required to collect stock is far greater due to the temporary relocation. 

Steps for Stock Order Requests

-    Email stock requirements to
-    An e-mail notice will be sent back to the requestor notifying them when their order is ready for pick-up. This will maintain the sequence of orders placed.
-    Please do not go to Stores to pick up your order until you receive this email confirmation, otherwise, it will slow down the process.

Also note:
-    Those customers who have carts to drop off to stores to fulfill their order for later pick-up should continue to do so once their e-mail request has been sent.
-    As per present policy, when not using carts please ensure to bring bottle safety carriers when picking up chemicals. We have a small quantity of carriers on hand for lending purposes, however these must be returned promptly to stores for usage by the next customer. Also, we have now added these carriers as a limited quantity stock item and they can be purchased by labs should they not have these on hand.

To provide time to resolve outstanding issues and prepare for the following work day the PSS service counter will close at 4pm. Those customers who drop off carts to stores for later pick-up, can still proceed to do so up until 4pm. Unforeseen and urgent requirements will still be filled on a case by case basis, however it is hoped that these will be kept to a minimum.

The extensive renovations will affect service levels and we appreciate everyone’s assistance and understanding during this period.

For issues related to PSS operations please contact Steve Ballard at 864-8775 or Dion Bennett at 864-8548.