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The Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by a donation from the Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Association. The scholarship is valued at $5,000.00 per year and is renewable to a maximum of an additional four years provided first class and scholarship standing are maintained. The scholarship is tenable in all undergraduate programs at this University.


2005-2006 Winners

Nadine Hewitt


Years at MUN: One

Program:  Bsc. Biochemistry /Chemistry

What this scholarship meant to her: I am working on biochemistry major with a minor in chemistry. I plan on completing my honors and than applying to Memorial’s medical school. The Scholarship has allowed me to spend more time studying and volunteering, without the pressure of a part time job. It took much hard work to be awarded this scholarship; however, it makes my future dreams easier to achieve.



Kilah Ivany


Years in MUN: One

Program: Engineering

What this award meant to her: My award was one of the determining factors of why I chose MUN. It has been a significant contribution towards my education. Given a large portion of my undergraduate degree will be paid for, it will make it much easier for me if I decide to pursue my masters.


Julia Curtis


Years at MUN: One

Program: Joint Honors BSc. Biochemistry and Behavioural Neuroscience

What this award meant to her: My name is Julia Curtis. I look forward to completing a double major and then joint honors in biochemistry and behavioural neuroscience. I hope to become a child Psychiatrist. For me, receiving this award was extremely exciting. It has shown me that trying and hard work can lead to success.


Hilary Coffey

Years at MUN: One
Program: BSc. Biochemistry
What this award meant to her: This year I am entering the Biochemistry faculty. The entrance scholarship was a deciding factor in my decision to attend MUN. It has meant that I will be able to through my undergrad degree without having to worry about student loans or having to work part time to pay for school.

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