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Birks Medal

The Birks Medal is provided by Henry Birks and Sons (Maritime) Limited for awarding to the student of the graduating class who has shown most leadership in student affairs during his or her university career.

2005-2006 Winner


Zoiey Cobb

Years at MUN: Four (Graduated 2006)
Program:  BA (honours) Political Science/English/ Certificate in Public Administration
What this scholarship meant to her: Having graduated in May 2006, I was honoured to be presented with the Undergraduate BIRKS medal for leadership. 
          Memorial University has such a rich, vibrant student community. From my first day on campus, I yearned to get involved and make new friends. Through out my four years on-campus, I was involved with numerous societies. I was told on my very first day at Orientation to "make the most of Memorial" - so I did. (you see, sometimes Leaders follow - or at least, take direction.)
          Memorial has helped me become the confident, opintionated, strong critical thinker that I am today and has shaped the leader that I'll continue to be tommorow.