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Scholarships for Entrance Students

Newfoundland and Labrador Students

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Out of Province High School Students

Entrance scholarships are available to students graduating from Canadian High Schools outside Newfoundland and Labrador but they do not have to apply specifically for the scholarships. They are considered automatically based on their admission application to the university. The early scholarship allocations are valued at $2550.00 (equivalent to 10 courses/30 credit hours of full-time study) and $1275.00 (equivalent to 5 courses/15 credit hours of full-time study) (non-renewable). The first of these are usually awarded in mid March or early April so students must ensure that their admission application and supporting documents are submitted to the university before the March 1st Admissions deadline in order to qualify.

If students do not receive a scholarship through this early process (i.e. due to late applications they may still qualify for an entrance scholarship in July/Aug based on final transcripts, from high school. Scholarships will be allocated at that time based on Final Admission Averages as funds allow.

*Note: final admission average is the average calculated by Memorial University using the final grades in the 10 credits required for admission to the university.