Information on Scholarships

Memorial University offers its students many opportunities to receive scholarships and awards.

Entrance Scholarships: Available to new students entering Memorial University.

Undergraduate Scholarships: Available to continuing students at Memorial University . There are three types of undergraduate scholarships:

  • Faculty-Recommended Scholarships: Certain faculty/departments have scholarships and awards specific to their area of study. Candidates for these scholarships and awards are recommended by the faculty or department. Students should declare a Faculty and/or Major as early as possible if they wish to be considered for certain faculty-specific undergraduate scholarships.
  • Application Based Scholarships (Very specific criteria): These scholarships can only be awarded to a student who has completed this application form and submitted required documentation (if any). Some scholarships on the application form are also open to entrance students.
  • General Scholarships: These scholarships are not affiliated with an academic department and are open to all undergraduate students who meet the scholarship standing requirements. These awards are awarded based on a variety of criteria such as academics, financial needs, place of residence, etc.