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Information on Scholarships

Memorial University offers its students many opportunities to receive scholarships and awards. Generally, there are three categories that these fall under:

Entrance Scholarships: Available to new students entering Memorial University.

Undergraduate Scholarships: Available to continuing students at Memorial University . There are three types of undergraduate scholarships:

  • Faculty-Recommended Scholarships: Certain faculty/departments have scholarships and awards specific to their area of study. Candidates for these scholarships and awards are recommended by the faculty or department. Students should declare a Faculty and/or Major as early as possible if they wish to be considered for certain faculty-specific undergraduate scholarships.
  • Application Based Scholarships (Very specific criteria): These scholarships can only be awarded to a student who has completed this application form and submitted required documentation (if any). Some scholarships on the application form are also open to entrance students.
  • General Scholarships: These scholarships are not affiliated with an academic department and are open to all undergraduate students who meet the scholarship standing requirements. These awards are awarded based on a variety of criteria such as academics, financial needs, place of residence, etc.


Canadian Schulich Leader Scholarships

Canadian Schulich Leader Scholarships are undergraduate scholarships for students intending to enroll in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas of study at a minimum of one of the 20 selected universities.

All Canadian high schools and secondary schools (not including Québec) may submit one Schulich Leader Nominee each. Cégeps (in Québec) may select two nominees each. Schulich Leader Nominees are selected by their individual schools and must possess at least two of three criteria:

1. Outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership

2. Academic excellence

3. Financial need

Once Schulich Leader Nominees are verified, they can apply their nomination to the participating universities in Canada where they intend to submit formal applications for undergraduate study for Fall 2015. Formal applications for undergraduate study must be submitted by each Schulich Leader Nominee no later than February 23, 2015.

All participating universities are responsible for selecting the Schulich Leaders for their respective institution. In 2015, 40 Canadian Schulich Leaders can be selected – two Schulich Leaders at each participating university. Half of these undergraduate entrance scholarships (20) are valued at $60,000 CAD and are reserved for Nominees pursuing degrees in science, technology or mathematics (non-engineering programs). The remaining Schulich Leader Scholarships (20) are valued at $80,000 CAD and are reserved for Nominees pursuing a degree in an engineering-based programs. Each participating university will select two Schulich Leaders from a pool of Schulich Leader Nominees, one at $60,000 CAD and one at $80,000 CAD.

The scholarship is distributed during each Schulich Leader’s term of undergraduate study and will start with the academic year commencing in Fall 2014. Schulich Leader Scholarships are part of a $100 million gift in perpetuity on behalf of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Seymour Schulich Foundation.