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Useful resources for interprofessional rural mental health training
Working Together for Mental Health: A mental health services strategy for Newfoundland and Labrador (November 2003)
Department of Health and Community Services
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Curran V, Ungar T, and Pauzé E. Strengthening Collaboration through Interprofessional Education: A Resource for Collaborative Mental Health Care Educators. Mississauga, ON: Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Initiative; February 2006. Available at: February 2006. Available at:

Prepared by teaching experts, this toolkit is tailored to education program developers in regulatory agencies, professional associations, regional health authorities, family health teams, governmental departments, and educators within both academic (universities and colleges) and care delivery settings. The toolkit highlights the importance of interprofessional education in promoting collaborative care and offers four case studies and several activities, accompanied by sample lesson plans and other useful tools, to aid educators in the implementation of educational events.

McVicar, J., Deacon, D., Curran V.R., Cornish P. (2005). Interprofessional education initiatives in collaborative mental health care. Report prepared for the Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Initiative, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; August 2005. Available at:

What is being done to promote collaboration in the education of health professionals? How do health care providers from different professions learn about one another and how do they learn to collaborate?