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Pilot Projects

Rural Mental Health Interprofessional Training Programme Pilot Sites

The Rural Mental Health Training project piloted an interprofessional continuing professional education(CPE) programme on collaborative mental health practice through interactive videoconference sessions. It was consistent with recommendations in the report, “Working together for Mental Health” (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, 2005), which suggests that collaborative mental health programmes be supported by reliable and valid outcome indicators, including consumer satisfaction. Two communities with emerging primary health care teams were recruited for participation in the programme. Participants were pretested and posttested on evaluative outcomes related to the overall programme goals.

The programme focused on the development of interprofessional, collaborative practice skills in six critical domains of mental health practice (interprofessional collaboration and collaborative practice in mental health, building and maintaining productive relationships with patients, using the frameworks of Stages of Change theory and Motivational Interviewing to address substance abuse, working with adolescents and their families using Solution-Focused and Narrative Therapy approaches, treating depression and anxiety with Cognitive-Behavioural techniques, and developing interprofessional Assertive Community Treatment and Crisis Management strategies.

Twillingate, NLEach domain encompassed skill and content components. The first two domains were delivered through a face-to-face, on-site workshop. The remaining four domains were offered via videoconference over a period of 12 weeks.