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Severe weather

stormy weather outside arts building
Every attempt is made to ensure the safety of all members of the Memorial University community during inclement weather.
Forecasts and conditions are monitored closely, and communicated to the President or his designate if conditions appear to warrant a delayed opening, cancellation of classes or closure of a university campus.
A campus will close when a State of Emergency is proclaimed in the city, or if storm conditions are so severe that the President or his designate determines that closure is appropriate. However, every attempt will be made to maintain essential services on campus.
Advisories for late openings and all-day closings will be issued by 7 a.m. Early closings during daytime will be announced at least one hour in advance.
Closure and cancellation information is communicated through news media and on the website. Employees and students are expected to monitor the news media and university website to determine if cancellations or closures have occurred.
Should travel to/from a campus be deemed impossible, emergency accommodations may be set up on campus and a notice to that effect will be posted on the website.
When the university is open during inclement weather, all personnel are expected to report for scheduled duty even though travel to and from the university may be difficult. Those who feel it is impossible or too dangerous to reach their place of employment must advise their dean, director, or department head.