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Pandemic Preparedness Planning Committee


Pandemic Preparedness Planning Committee

A committee has been composed to analyze and problem solve any risks Memorial University may face in an outbreak of H1N1 virus.

Pandemic Preparedness Planning Committee
David Head, Director (CHAIR)
Enterprise Risk Management
Karen Alexander Emergency Management Planner
Christine Burke, Director
Housing, Food and Conference Services
Kevin Clarke, Director
Corporate and External Affairs, Marine Institute
Sheila Singleton, Deputy Registrar
Registrar’s Office
Victoria Collins, Executive Director
Marketing and Communications
Craig Perchard, Interim Director
Office of Research
Dr. Cathy Donovan, Assoc. Professor of Medicine, Public Health, Community Health & Humanities, Faculty of Medicine
Lisa Hollett, Director
Human Resources
Roxanne Millan, Director
Academic Support Services
Graham Mowbray, Director
Computing and Communications
Dr. Norman Lee, Director
Student Health Services
Darrell Miles, Director
Facilities Management
Sheila Miller, Director
Health and Safety
Carol Tibbo, Manager of Administrative Services Office of the V.P. (Admin. & Finance)
Dr. Lilly Walker, Dean
Student Affairs and Services
Dennis Waterman, Director
Finance & Administration, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College