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Pandemic Preparedness Planning


In the media recently there has been an influx of information regarding H1N1 Virus.

Memorial University wants to be prepared in the face of any crisis or event. Therefore, a committee has been created to ensure that the University has a clear and detailed plan which can serve as a guide for responding to a pandemic situation.

The plan will address the safety of students, faculty and staff, but also the impact on critical aspects of the University's operation, within and outside of our campuses. It will deal with areas of:

  • Student Health Services
  • Student Affairs
  • Academic Affairs and Regulations
  • Student Housing
  • Food Services
  • International Studies and Foreign Activities
  • Campus Security
  • Facilities Management
  • Research
  • Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Business and Finance

The major goals of the University's plan will be:

  • life safety;
  • protection of property;
  • protection of laboratory research and animal care.

The plan will outline the responses and actions required throughout the different levels of a pandemic.

If you have any further questions regarding the University's Pandemic Planning, please contact