Residence Activities & Programming Committee

The Residence Activities & Programming (RAP) Committee plans, organizes, and manages social, recreational (not including the Intramural sports program), and academic programming for their residence.  

There is a RAP Committee for each residence. This committee is a collaborative group that brings together all the stakeholders who have a role and vested interest in providing activities and programming for the residents of their building. The committee will be chaired by the residence co-ordinator and include:

  • residents assistants
  • academic assistant(s)
  • residence society executive
  • charity committee representative
  • mental health committee representative
  • sustainability committee representative
  • residence intramural sports representatives
  • returning resident representative(s)
  • new residents representative(s)

The committee will meet bi-weekly as scheduled by the residence co-ordinator. Quorum for the meetings shall be 50%+1 of the council.

The committee, through the residence coordinator and/or residence life staff, be able to receive approval and request transportation and funding for their activities and programming from the Residence Life Office.

Only activities and programs approved by the residence coordinator and the Residence Life Office are eligible for transportation and funding from the Residence Life Office.

These procedures outline the manner by which the Residence Life staff and the RAP Committee receive approval, transportation, and funding for activities and programming delivered to the students living on campus.

An Activity is a one-time event (e.g. field trip, residence “day”, special guest presentation, etc.).
Programming is an on-going event that continues throughout the semester (e.g. Trivia nights, display boards, etc.).

  1. All social, recreational (not including the Intramural sports program), and academic activities and programming must be entered into MIMS by the Residence Life staff in advance of the activity.
  2. The residence coordinator must approve all activities and programming before the request is submitted to MIMS.
  3. The Residence Life Office must approve, in advance (no less than 72hrs), all activities and programming that are off campus, require transportation, require funding, and/or include the presence of alcohol.
  4. Requests for funding are included in the S.A.F.E. program and must be printed and signed by either the Manager of the Residence Life Office or the Asst. Director – Operations.
  5. Any Residence Life Office funding will be provided to the Residence Life staff by the Manager of Accommodations or delegate.
  6. Residence Life funding will be allocated based on the nature of the program and may cover the entire or partial costs.
  7. Transportation for activities that take place at off campus locations must be approved by and arranged by the Residence Life Office.
  8. The Residence Life staff member receiving funding must obtain and submit all the associated receipts and unused funding to the Manager of Accommodations.
  9. A Request for an Alcohol Permit must be signed by the Proctor, Residence Life Office, and the Manager of the Residence Life Office/Asst. Dir./Director.


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