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Welding & Sheet Metal

Our welding and sheet metal shops, located in Engineering and Chemistry/Physics, specialize in the design and construction of research equipment and teaching aids. From small, intricate component pieces to large assemblies, our welding and sheet metal shops can bend, shape and weld common metals, exotic metals and plastics.


 Services Provided:

  • Fabrication of custom research equipment in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, cast iron, as well as platinum, gold, titanium and plastics.
  • Consultation in design and fabrication methods as well as welding procedures
  • CWB certified welding
  • High pressure certified welding
  • Custom pipe and square tube bending
  • Universal bar bending.



Dennis Cramm, P.Eng, Division Manager
S.J. Carew Building EN1023C
Phone:(709) 864-4735 / 8313
Fax:(709) 864-8689

William Bidgood, Supervisor
S.J. Carew Building EN1023L
Phone:(709) 864-8472
Fax:(709) 864-8689


Robin Dalton, Supervisor
Chemistry Building C1030
Phone:(709) 864-8324
Fax:(709) 864-7482