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The Waterjet machine uses a fine stream of water and abrasive to cut virtually any material imaginable in thicknesses up to 6 inches. From foam to stainless steel, granite, glass and everything in between, the waterjet can provide your cutting solutions. Technical Services owns the only waterjet machine in the province.


Services Provided:

  • Waterjet cutting of parts in any customer specified material
  • Multiple part "nesting" to minimize material waste.
  • Custom CAD file creation for waterjet cutting based on customer.



Dennis Cramm, P.Eng, Division Manager
S.J. Carew Building EN1023C
Phone:(709) 864-4735 / 8313
Fax:(709) 864-8689

William Bidgood, Supervisor
S.J. Carew Building EN1023L
Phone:(709) 864-8472
Fax:(709) 864-8689