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SLS Rapid Prototyping

Our Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Rapid Prototyping machine allows us to build full scale working parts, assemblies and models for use in design fit, form and function testing as well as for presentation purposes. Our parts and models are built in nylon and can be finished to our customers specifications. Rapid Prototyping is a cost effective means to producing quality parts with a very quick (often within 24 hour) turn-around.


Services Provided:

  • SLS part and model production in nylon
  • CAD file extension manipulation
  • Laser scanning of existing complex parts to produce a digital 3D image of that part. This digital image can be used to re-produced the parts on the SLS rapid prototyping machine.



Dennis Cramm, P.Eng, Division Manager
S.J. Carew Building EN1023C
Phone:(709) 864-4735 / 8313
Fax:(709) 864-8689

David Snook, Supervisor
S.J. Carew Building EN1023F
Phone:(709) 864-8315
Fax:(709) 864-8689