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With certified journeyman Refrigeration Technologists, we provide a full range of services throughout the university.  All our personnel are certified to and follow the CSA B52-99 Mechanical Refrigeration Code.




Services Provided:

  • Design, installation, repair and ongoing maintenance programs on various types of commercial refrigeration, low and ultra-low refrigeration, and air conditioning systems.
  • Testing, and calibration of Refrigerant Leak Detection Alarm Systems.
  • Refrigerant recovery and disposal following the Canadian Ozone Depletion and Emission Standard.


Jennifer Murray, P.Eng., Division Manager
Chemistry/Physics Bldg. C1032A
Phone:(709) 864-8714
Fax:(709) 864-7482

Calvin Snook, Shop Supervisor
Chem/Physics Bldg. C1041
Phone:(709) 864-7577