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Model Fabrication

Whether a scaled-down model is needed to gather research data or illustrate a concept, or a full-sized prototype to test design and construction methods, our highly skilled, professional model makers will meet your needs.




Services Provided:

  • Design consultation and construction of engineering, scientific and medical equipment.
  • Fabrication of models in wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals.
  • Design and construction of molds and castings using a variety of resins and materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc.
  • Construction of teaching, display and concept models.
  • Design and construction of patterns and instructional.



Dennis Cramm, P.Eng, Division Manager
S.J. Carew Building EN1023C
Phone:(709) 864-4735 / 8313
Fax:(709) 864-8689

Robert Murphy, Supervisor
S.J. Carew Building EN1023A
Phone:(709) 864-8318
Fax:(709) 864-8689