XRF Facility

The XRF facility utilizes a Bruker S8 Tiger sequential wavelength-dispersive x-ray spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative determination of elements. It is equipped with one goniometer, which is capable of holding up to four analyzing crystals. The detection system consists of an argon/methane flow proportional counter and a scintillation counter. After decades of use, the analysis of geological materials using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry continues to be very important in our elemental analytical labratory. It is an excellent method for the determination of the major and the more abundant trace elements in whole rock samples and other materials. With XRF it is possible to produce accurate analysis of samples which contain minerals, e.g. Zircon, which are difficult to dissolve and samples which contain elements, e.g. niobium, which are difficult to stabilize in solution.

Currrently there are two types of XRF methods being used within the Department, the analysis of Pressed Pellets and the analysis of Fused Glass Beads.

For additional information regarding XRF analyses or to arrange services, please contact Pam King.



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