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X-Ray Diffractometry

Powder and thin film XRD is a powerful, non-destructive analytical tool used for phase identification, quantitative analysis and the determination of crystal structures. It is used extensively in material characterization and in quality control for a wide range of materials, including fluids, metals, minerals, polymers and thin film coatings.

Our lab is equipped with a Rigaku Ultima IV x-ray diffractometer with a copper x-ray source and a scintillation counter detector. The Ultima IV, with Rigaku’s patented Cross Beam Optics (CBO), is a flexible, multi-purpose XRD. It incorporates fully automatic alignment and allows for fast, easy switching between focusing and parallel beam geometries without the need to reconfigure the system. Other features of the Ultima IV at Memorial University are the automatic 10-position sample changer with spinner and the high temperature (1500oC) attachment. 

The lab also has a workstation dedicated to data analysis, post acquisition, with licenses for JADE 9 (pattern processing, identification and quantification) and the International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) PDF2 powder diffraction database.

Please contact Wanda Aylward for additional information or to arrange services. Users must wear a dosimeter when using the gamma source and may see Wanda Aylward for dosimeter applications and information.