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Gamma Spectroscopy

Gamma Spectroscopy Gamma rays are high energy electromagnetic radiation emitted during the radioactive decay of radionuclides. In gamma spectroscopy, the energies and intensities of these gamma rays are determined and detailed analyses of the resulting spectra provide the identity and quantity of gamma emitters present in a sample. The equipment used in gamma spectroscopy includes an energy-sensitive radiation detector, a multichannel analyzer, associated amplifier and a data readout computer. The detector is a passive material that waits for a gamma interaction to occur in the detector volume.

This lab is equipped with three Canberra Low Energy Germanium (LEGe) semiconductor detectors, model GL3825. These detectors are capable of measuring gamma rays in the 5-1000 keV range and afford lower noise and better resolution at low and moderate energies than other detector geometries. For additional information or to arrange services, please contact Wanda Aylward.