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Core Logging Facility

This lab is equipped with a GEOTEK Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) which enables rapid and accurate geophysical measurements to be taken automatically on sediment or rock cores. The different configurations possible for the MSCL allow for analysis of either whole core sections (when in horizontal configuration) or split-core sections (when in vertical set-up). This logging system has a core pusher on a track with a short belt which pushes the cores through the complete sensor array by butting adjacent cores together to obtain continuous core data sets. Core sections between 50 – 150 mm in diameter and up to 1.55 m long can be logged at spatial intervals as low as a few millimeters. Cores must be contained in plastic liners.

The different measurement sensors available are:

  • A Cs-137 gamma ray source and scintillator detector for measuring the attenuation of gamma rays through a core, thus providing density/porosity data.
  • Acoustic Rolling Contact (ARC) transducers to measure P-wave velocity of compressional waves through a core. 
  • Bartington loop and Bartington point sensors for measuring magnetic susceptibility. 
  • Non-contact electrical resistivity sensor. 
  • Konica Minolta color spectrophotometer to produce rapid, non-destructive and very high resolution image reflectance data sets in the wavelength range 360 – 740 nm. 
  • Full color digital linescan imaging system using a Nikon AF NIKKOR 50 mm camera lens.

Please contact Wanda Aylward for additional information or to arrange services. Users must wear a dosimeter when using the gamma source and may see Wanda for dosimeter applications and information.