Marine Data Acquisition Systems


EM3002D Multibeam Echo Sounder System

Land and Seabed Imaging Facility at Memorial University of Newfoundland offers researchers and industrial clients a Kongsberg EM 3002D dual head multibeam echo sounder system to collect high-resolution seabed images. The system allows a very accurate digital elevation model of the seabed to be constructed and displayed for water depths ranging from the shoreline to ~200 m. The positioning and orientation of the multibeam data are provided by an Applanix POS-MV320 motion sensor, inertial measurement unit and GPS receivers. Wave and tide data are recorded in real time using a SBE 26 Plus system that can be deployed in a central location within the survey area. Water column temperature and salinity data are recorded using a sound velocity/pressure smart sensor.

Huntec Deep-Tow System

Land and Seabed Imaging Facility at Memorial University of Newfoundland offers researchers and industrial clients a Huntec Deep-Tow System (DTS) for the acquisition of high-resolution seismic reflection profiles. Huntec DTS is a boomer/sparker system mounted in a towfish that can be towed down to 150 m water depth, thus reducing signal-spreading loss and bringing the source and receiver close to the seabed for improved temporal resolution. The system is heave/wave compensated to reduce artifacts from source and receiver motion. The Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Huntec DTS is integrated with a Kongsberg super-short baseline underwater navigation system, HPR410P, so that the exact position of the Huntec towfish is determined in real time and the seismic reflection profiles can be readily integrated with seabed maps. The system is deployed using a Hawboldt winch Model SPR 1946-S, which includes a 500 m-long, 21-conductor, armoured tow cable with termination. The winch is powered by a Hawboldt Model PP20 hydraulic power pack with a 40 horsepower electric motor.

EdgeTech Chirp System

Our CHIRP sub-bottom profiling system consists of an EdgeTech SB-216 towfish (operating over the 2-16 kHz signal range) with a 3200-XS topside acquisition system, and 75-m Kevlar-strengthened cables. The system achieves decimeter-scale resolution and penetration up to 30 meters, depending on bottom type. Also available is a 3100P topside system.

EdgeTech Side Scan Sonar

This system consists of the 4100P (portable) topside unit and 272-TD towfish capable of operating at either 100 or 500 kHz.

Multichannel system

Land and Seabed Imaging Facility at Memorial University of Newfoundland owns and operated a complete high-resolution multi-channel system. The system includes (i) a 4-stage 270 scfm high-pressure Price air compressor (Model Number A300) driven by a 360 HP Detroit Allison diesel (Model Number GM 671) and high-pressure air tank, (ii) air distribution panel for an eight gun array, (iii) sleeve guns consisting of 6 x 40 cubic inch guns, 2 x 20 cubic inch guns, and 3 x 10 cubic inch guns, (iv) a 75 m long air gun umbilical, including 8 x high-pressure air hoses, 8 x air gun firing lines, 1 x hydrophone line, and the associated pig-tail connectors, (v) gun frame with s/s chains, shackles, gun clamps and floats for an 8-gun array, (vi) a Macha International Inc. Gun Sytem-8 gun firing system, (vii) a Seamap Skylink timer with three asynchronous delayable trigger system, (viii) a Teledyne 12.5 m x 48-channel (600 m) streamer, with deck lead, tail section, stretch section, (ix) Sea Mac streamer winch (electrical drive), and slip-ring assembly, and streamer junction box, (x) a Stealtharray 6.25 m x 120-channel (500 m) streamer, (xi) Stealtharray Streamer Winch, Stealtharray shipboard interface unit and power supply, (xii) Digi Course Model 5010 depth controllers x 7 and Model 5011 depth controllers x 2, the Digi Course command console and electronics, and (xiii) a Stratavisor NX48 48-channel Seismograph, including dual processor, thermal line printer (Printrex), HP DAT Tape Drive, marine acquisition software.

Piston Coring Systems

Land and Seabed Imaging Facility at Memorial University of Newfoundland provides access to a Mooring Systems Inc. Large Piston Corer - Model 2450, to take essentially undisturbed sediment cores up to 15.2 meters long. The piston corer is deployed with a 2.5 m-long gravity corer as trigger weight. The system comes with regular or split pistons. The coring winch is a Hawboldt Oceanographic Winch Model 3000 with 1000 m of 5/8” wire. The winch is powered by a 75 horsepower diesel-driven Hawboldt hydraulic power pack.



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