Land-Based Geophysical Imaging

Seismic Geophysical Instrumentation Laboratory:

Provides electronic and mechanical support for the instruments

ARAM Aries Seismic Acquisition System
ARAM Aries seismic acquisition system provides researchers with a high quality, 24-bit, seismic acquisition system outfitted with 288 channels but expandable to > 1000 channels. The system is presently equipped with 440 single geophones.

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Geometrics StataVisor
48 channel - 24 bit acquisition system used predominantly for high-resolution refraction experiments but equipped for marine multichannel reflection acquisition

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SIST seismic source
The seismic recording systems are compatible with a range of seismic sources (airguns, explosive, vibroseis). We also operate a swept impact (SIST) based seismic source that mounts on a range of carriers (backhoes and mini-excavators) that provides a low environmental impact seismic source that is capable of operation in difficult terrain.

NPK Hydraulic Hammer specifications

1.4 Seismic Processing
The seismic acquisition systems are linked to the Visualization Facility that provides computing and software support for seismic data processing.

Electric & Electomagnetic

Multi-electrode, 24 channel DC resistivity sounding and profiling system that is used predominantly for shallow, high-resolution environmental and engineering studies. The system includes software for data acquisition, interpretation and inversion.

Geonics EM31
Used for mapping shallow geological variations associated with changes in ground conductivity. The EM31 is used predominantly for mapping contaminant and saline invasion in the shallow aquifer but can also be used to characterize variation in soil types and for location of shallow mineral deposits and buried tanks and drums.

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Ground Penetrating Radar
The RAMAC ground penetrating radar (GPR) with 50, 100, 200, 400 & 1000 MHz . antennae. GPR is used for imaging shallow structure and stratigraphy and buried pipes, tanks and drums. The RAMAC is designed to allow variable antennae separation for CMP or walk-away surveys for velocity analysis.

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Scintrex EnviVLF is used for resistivity mapping based VLF signals provided by a variety of VLF transmitters.

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Scintrex EnviMag
The EnviMag is a proton precession bases magnetometer/gradiometer that is used for surveying the Earth’s magnetic field. The EnviMag is capable of magnetic mapping over a broad range of scales and can be used to identify variations in the Earth’s magnetic field that are associated with subsurface geology.

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