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Wide Format Printing & Scanning



The laboratory is equipped with two wide format printers:

KIP 3100 - A 36" wide black and white printer/copier and a 36" wide colour scanner. The KIP unit is available to all UNIX workstations in the laboratory and is primarily used for printing seismic data and colour scanning up to 600dpi.

HP DesignJet 1055CM - A 36" wide colour inkjet printer. The HP DesignJet is available to selected users (both local and remote) upon request, and is mainly used for printing posters.

There is an automatic accounting system in place for these two units, based on the amount of paper delivered or scanned.


 User Rates

HP DesignJet 1055CM Colour Printing: $4.00/linear foot.
KIP3100 Black and White Printing: $2.50/linear foot.
KIP3100 Colour Scanning: $0.60/sqaure foot ($5 minimum charge).


For further information on plotting, scanning or pricing, please contact:
Peter Bruce Tel: (709) 864-7566 Email: