X-Ray Crystallography

The X-ray diffraction lab contains a Rigaku single crystal diffractometer equipped with an AFC8 goniometer coupled to a Saturn 70 CCD detector. As part of a CFI grant by Professor Fran Kerton, the X-ray housing was upgraded with a SHINE (curved graphite monochromator) optic. The instrument is supported by an Oxford Cryosystems 800 Series Cryostream Cooler with an AD51 Dry Air Unit. Currently, the instrument is equipped with a molybdenum X-ray tube by Proto Manufacturing.

Data collection is done using the latest CrystalClear™ software with data processing done using the latest CrystAlis Pro software suite. Structural solutions and reports are done in either CRYSTALS (PC) or Olex2 (Mac, PC, Linux).

A course on X-ray diffraction is offered at MUN (Chem 6394)


Rigaku AFC8-Saturn 70 Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer




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