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  • MestRe Nova: Mnova NMR is the software available in the lab for general data processing.
  • DmFit: free line-fitting software for solid state NMR.
  • WSolids: Another suite of software to deal with NMR of solids.

NMR Resources

  • SDBS: Spectral database for organic compounds.
  • BMRB: Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank
  • NMR table: Periodic Table of NMR isotopes
  • Bruker Almanac Ap:THE ap for the NMR iPhone lover.


  • NMR analysis: Blog on processing, prediction and verification from one of MestreLab's own.
  • Ottawa NMR blog: Glen's blog is full of information about everything and anything in NMR.

NMR News:

  • SpectroscopyNow: More than NMR, all the news you need.
  • NMR 900: National Ultra-high-Field NMR Facility for solids.