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Genomics Services

GaP uses Applied Biosystems Big Dye chemistry to prepare samples for the ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer (equipped with a 48-capillary array) and ABI 3130 Analyzer (equipped with a 4-capillary array). The quality of DNA sequence is directly related to template quality. With a good template, you can get up to 1200 bases of sequences from a single primer. As an educational facility, we will work with users to ensure that they have the correct amount of clean template and primers according to the following table.

DNA Sequencing Services

Template Type and Quantity PER REACTION

Template Type

Template Quantity*
Per Reaction

Primer Quantity*
Per Reaction

PCR product:

100-500 bp
500-1000 bp
1000-2000 bp
>2000 bp

3-10 ng
5-20 ng
10-40 ng
40-100 ng

3.2 pmol
Single-stranded DNA 50-100 ng 3.2 pmol
Double-stranded DNA 200-500 ng 3.2 pmol
Cosmid, BAC, etc. 0.5-1.0 µg 5-10 pmol

*Please note:

  • For Sequencing Drop-Off Service samples and primers must be combined in a 7uL volume containing 3.2 pmol of primer and template at the appropriate concentration (listed in the table above). Templates must be in H2O (not TE).
  • Users must ensure that plasmids cleaned with mini- or midi-prep kits do not contain any ethanol (hinders the sequencing reaction) and have incubated long enough in water to allow for the homogeneous solution of DNA.




  • Training, consumables and reagents provided.
  • Template and primer(s) supplied separately by you.
  • Call to schedule a training session.



$5.16 per reaction

(Training and first run of up to 48 samples are free

Economy DNA Sequencing

  • Template and primer (premixed) in a single well/tube.

  • Users must supply template and primer in the correct amounts and proportions (refer to template table above or call us for help).

  • Cycle sequencing reactions performed by GaP Staff.




$6.25 per reaction

Full Service DNA Sequencing  

  • Template and primer(s) supplied separately by you.
  • Amounts measured and mixed at GaP lab.
  • Cycle sequencing reactions performed by GaP Staff.



$7.81 per reaction

Volume Discounts

  • A minimum of five 96-well plates.
  • Template and primer premixed. Please leave one well empty for a positive control.
  • High volume projects ( >1,000 samples/project/year) ask for a quotation. 


User prepared $457.73 Per plate

GaP prepared $572.16 Per plate

GaP prepared $514.95 Per plate

Ask for a quotation 




*Prices are subject to change without prior notice and apply to anyone associated with MUN. Commercial users are invited to contact the facility for quotes.

If your project does not lend itself to one of the above services please contact us at the GaP lab to discuss your individual needs.

Failed Sequences
We run positive controls with every sequencing and fragment analysis run. If we are unable to obtain quality sequence from our control, as well as from your samples, there will be no charge for that run. The GaP offers assistance in troubleshooting sample preparation.

Fragment Analysis Services

Please contact us to discuss your fragment analysis project.

Turn-around time is approximately 48 hours when working in 96-well plate format. Sample in individual tubes will be run when we can accommodate them on the instrument or on the following Friday, whichever comes first.