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Difference Between Grants and Contracts

The below table outlines the general differences between a grant and a contract. Specific questions should be directed to Research Grant and Contract Services (RGCS) or CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services (CCCS).

Characteristics of Grants

Characteristics of Contracts

No direct or indirect remuneration to the principal investigator or co-investigators Specifically outlines the scope, nature and expected outcome(s) of the research
Payment to the university is generally made in advance of expenditures Indirect costs of contract research policy applies
No specific transfer of results to the grantor; however a final report stating the results of the research is usually submitted to the grantor Sets the time period(s) for the activity
Intelllectual property remains with Memorial and its researchers Defines the deliverables and when its components are to be completed
Research objectives are defined in a general fashion Memorial retains ownership of intellectual property but terms may be included that provide for licensing of intellectual property to sponsor
No limitations on publication of Memorial's intellectual property Provides for confidentiality of information supplied by a sponsor
May include terms that allow sponsor to review publications for proprietary information that the sponsor contributes to a project. Where required Memorial will agree not to disclose proprietary information provided to a project by a sponsor Publication delays of up to 30 days are normally permitted to provide sponsors with an opportunity to review proposed publications for inclusion of proprietary information contributed by the project by the sponsor. As appropriate for a given project, an additional delay can be permitted to facilitate protection of intellectual property. In any case, Memorial will not delay publication for any period greater than 180 days
The research/budget may be changed by the lead Investigator without notice Establishes firm, detailed budgets and payment schedules
Ownership of equipment purchased for project becomes the possession of the university Establishes considerations for acceptance and/or termination of the work
  Limits liability of participants
  Changes to the agreement require consent of sponsor and institution