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Woman Arborescent

By Annick Perrot-Bishop
Translated by Dr. Neil Bishop

Woman Arborescent Book Cover

Woman Arborescent

I am woman arborescent.
Branches flexing at the slightest breeze.
With my slender fingers I try to catch fragment of Sky,
but they always elude me like skittish trout.
My roots fret From grasping at invincible words.
How often have I awaited Dawn!
Eyes blinded by my past.

Dr. Neil Bishop, Department of French and Spanish, has published his translation of Woman Arborescent with Ekstasis Editions (2005, Victoria, B.C.). The original collection of poetry, Femme au profil díarbre (2001, …ditions David, Ottawa) by Annick Perrot-Bishop, has been described as a powerfully moving, exquisitely beautiful poetic dialogue between the Canadian woman Ms. Perrot-Bishop is now, and the little Asian girl she was, among rice paddies, water buffalo, land mines and love.

Annick Perrot-Bishop spent part of her childhood in Vietnam and grew up in France, settling in Canada in 1982. For the last 20 years she has been a St. Johnís resident and full-time writer. She has published six books (one in English translation), and some 50 short stories and poems in Canadian literary journals and anthologies. Woman Arborescent is the first of her books to be translated, although English translations of several of her short stories and poems have appeared in anthologies and literary journals across Canada.

Portrait of Dr. Neil Bishop

Dr. Neil Bishop

Dr. Bishopís translation of short story collection The Whole Wide World (original title, Le vaste monde), by Robert Lalonde, garnered him commendation in the 2001 Translation Competition organized by the British Comparative Literature Association and the British Centre for Comparative Literature.

Woman Arborescent is available in the University Bookstore on the St. Johnís campus.