Research Report 2007

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The Transatlantic Divide: Foreign and Security Policies in the Atlantic Alliance from Kosovo to Iraq

Edited by Osvaldo Croci and Amy Verdun

Book Cover: The Transatlantic Divide

The Transatlantic Divide is the latest contribution to the Manchester University Press' Europe in Change series by Dr. Osvaldo Croci of Memorial's Political Science Department and Dr. Amy Verdun of the University of Victoria.

The period between the military intervention in Serbia and that in Iraq has been a particularly turbulent one for transatlantic security relations.

Is the malaise currently affecting the transatlantic Alliance more serious than ever in the past, and if so why?

Will differences in the assessment of how to provide order and stability in the international system as well as in the evaluation of threats and how to respond to them mark the end of the transatlantic alliance? Or will the U.S., NATO, the EU and EU member states work together to pacify, stabilize and rebuild troublesome areas?

For the transatlantic alliance to endure, the U.S. has to make sure that its "assertive leadership" does not degenerate into "arrogant unilateralism," while Europeans must accept that the further the problems are from their immediate neighbourhood the less significant their political voice and ability to influence outcomes will be.

Portrait of Dr. Osvaldo Croci

Dr. Osvaldo Croci

Karen Smith of the London School of Economics called this collection an insightful and sobering study of the decline of Atlanticism, the rise of trilateralism within Europe, and the impact of both of these trends on the future of the Atlantic Alliance and the ESDP. "Anyone who wants to learn more about the domestic debates that raged in North America and European countries over the Kosovo and Iraq wars should read this book."

Dr. Croci is associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Dr. Verdun holds the Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Victoria.