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Thus Spake JimBob: The Cullum Blog

By Dr. Mark Schoenberg

Book Cover: Thus Spake JimBob

Mark Schoenberg’s new book, Thus Spake JimBob: The Cullum Blog, is a self-help book that helps the reader better think about their own thinking, by being exposed to the eye-opening thoughts of a down-home philosopher, in the form of an American redneck who does not hesitate to question any and all conventional wisdom. By being exposed to such irreverent and critical analysis, anyone can improve the way that they think about their own thinking, and thus better evaluate the thinking of others.

Dr. Schoenberg’s JimBob may be considered an unrefined redneck by some, but his sometimes acerbic but always penetrating views of major trends in our society cuts through the rhetoric and helps people understand what is happening in the world around them, how they can better think for themselves and not get swept downstream by the conventional wisdom that pollutes so much of modern media; including the Internet. People should focus on how they can become a better person today than they were yesterday, better tomorrow than they are today. Freeing one’s self from group-think is an important first step in meeting that objective.

Portrait of Dr. Mark Schoenberg

Dr. Mark Schoenberg

JimBob communicates via a blog, and is far more approachable than Nietzsche’s demanding Zarathustra, who preached in parables and allegories, which at times were turgid and even incomprehensible. In contrast, JimBob gets his message across in a folksy style that captivates his audience, and does not obscure his hard-hitting wisdom.

Thus Spake JimBob is published by BookSurge Publishing. Dr. Mark Schoenberg is professor emeritus of the Counselling Centre. Thus Spake JimBob: The Cullum Blog is his eighth book.