Research Report 2007

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Fundamentals of Spatial Data Quality

Edited by Dr. Rodolphe Devillers and R. Jeansoulin

Book Covers: Fundamentals of Spatial Data Quality

These two books are the English and the French versions of a book providing basic knowledge of the field of spatial data quality. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are mapping systems used to integrate, manage, analyze, and visualize geographic information. GIS are increasingly used in various fields such as anthropology, archaeology, biology, business, earth sciences, engineering or medicine.

Because GIS are used to support decisions in these difference fields, the reliability of these decisions is directly related to the quality of the data being used. Therefore, understanding spatial data quality issues becomes critical when one wants to minimize the risks of misusing some data in a specific decision-making context.

Portrait of Rodolphe Devillers

Rodolphe Devillers

These two books provide both data producer and data user perspectives. Data producers want to characterize, measure and enhance the quality of geographic data produced. Data users want to be able to assess how certain datasets fit an intended use in a context where many datasets of various qualities can be obtained and used for an application.

The books provide basics on many different aspects of this discipline, such as the way, to classify and describe the quality of geographic data, to improve this quality, to evaluate and document it, to communicate it to GIS users or to evaluate the impact data quality has on decisions being made.

Rodolphe Devillers is assistant professor of Geography at Memorial and Robert Jeansoulin is senior researcher in Computer Sciences at the French national research institute CNRS.