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Reading and Teaching Henry Giroux

By Drs. Clar Doyle and Amarjit Singh

Book Cover: Reading and Teaching Henry Giroux

Henry Giroux is one of the world's leading contemporary critical, social, educational and cultural theorists. Reading and Teaching Henry Giroux demonstrates how his writings can be used in universities, schools, and in cultural production in a very practical fashion. Giroux's works, along with the voices of students and teachers will enable professors, teachers, cultural workers, public intellectuals, policymakers, parents, and students to work toward building democratic societies.

Drs. Clar Doyle and Amarjit Singh are professors in the Faculty of Education who write in the introduction that "Giroux's writings are indispensable for those who in engage in educating future teachers and democratic leaders.

"While his writings are complex and massive, we believe that his work needs to be read by students, teachers, and those interested in issues related to school, society, culture, and the development of democratic society."

The book is organized into two sections: the first, a collection of Giroux's writings and the second the author's reveal how they use those writings in their teaching, teacher education, research and cultural work.

Portrait of Drs. Clar Doyle and Amarjit Singh

Drs. Clar Doyle and Amarjit Singh

Dr. Doyle received his EdD in curriculum studies from Boston University. He is the author of Raising Curtains on Education (1993) and has published widely with Dr. Singh and others on critical pedagogy and reflection in teacher education. He is the author of fifteen produced plays.

Dr. Singh received his PhD in sociology of education from Michigan State University. His writings have appeared in local, national, and international journals. He is co-author of Ethics, Politics, and International Social Science Research (1984); Teacher Training: A Reflective Perspective (2001); and Classroom Management: A Reflective Perspective (2001).

Henry Giroux received an honorary doctor of letters from Memorial in 2005.

Reading and Teaching Henry Giroux is published by Peter Lang and is available at the University Bookstore.