Research Report 2007

Publications by writers and editors at Memorial University

Power and Restructuring: Canada's Coastal Society and Environment

Edited By Dr. Peter R. Sinclair and Dr. Rosemary E. Ommer

Book Cover: Power and Restructuring

The natural resources of Canada's Atlantic and Pacific coasts - of both the sea and the land - have been exploited for centuries, in many cases to the point of exhaustion. The stress on resources is mirrored in the many coastal communities. Power and Restructuring: Canada's Coastal Society and Environment examines what is happening to - and within - these coastal communities as economic globalization and resource exploitation have led to social and environmental restructuring.

This book is about power in small places, its perceptions and realities, where these conflict and where they come together. The chapters analyze the interaction of people and environment in coastal settings, the way power operates now, and how it has operated in the past. They cover a wide range of natural resource issues and people's responses to change - their survival strategies, their resistance, their health. The interdisciplinary focus of the book provides a holistic perspective that recognizes the vital importance of social and ecological interconnectedness. The close relationship between society and ecology is seen in historical and contemporary studies of Native land use, logging, mining, community health, the restructuring of fisheries, aquaculture, and offshore oil and gas development. The resistance and resilience of coastal peoples is portrayed in studies of political economy, education, youth, and First Nations communities on both coasts.

Portrait of Dr. Peter Sinclair

Dr. Peter Sinclair

Dr. Peter Sinclair is the head of Memorial's Sociology Department and has written extensively on social power, environmental issues and resource-dependent regions.

Contributors to the book from Memorial include Dr. Sean Cadigan, History, John Kennedy, retired from Anthropology, Steven Tomblin, Political Science, Dr. Barbara Neis, Sociology, and Joseph Wroblewski, Ocean Sciences Centre.

Power and Restructuring is published by ISER - Faculty of Arts Publications and is available in the University Bookstore.