Research Report 2007

Publications by writers and editors at Memorial University

Politics, Power and the Common Good: An Introduction to Political Science

Edited by Dr. David Close, Eric Mintz and Dr. Osvaldo Croci

Book Cover: Politics, Power and the Common Good

The goal of Power, Politics and the Common Good is to introduce students to the discipline of political science from a thematic perspective, with comparisons to the U.S. and Europe, with relevant Canadian content/examples where appropriate, and with substantial analysis of politics in developing countries. The authors incorporate in-depth comparisons of Canada's political system to other countries, both democratic and non-democratic.

In the preface the authors state that while many of their students approach political science courses with a good understanding and interest in politics, others have a limited concept of the political process, even the basics of how their country is governed. They decided to write this book to provide with an interesting, easy-to-read, and straightforward introduction to politics that would appeal to both groups.

"Our goal has been to offer a clear explanation of the basics of politics for those with little or no background, while at the same time raising challenging questions that will encourage all students to think deeply about the contemporary political world."

The book covers a range of topics in political science. While the authors state that it is important to understand politics at the national level, "globalization is making it equally important to understand what is happening in the world at large and how this affects our lives in Canada."

Drs. David Close and Osvaldo Croci work out of the Department of Political Science on the St. John's campus, while Eric Mintz is an associate professor of Political Science at Grenfell College in Corner Brook.

Politics, Power and the Common Good is published by Pearson Education Canada. It is available in the university bookstore.