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Hard-Headed and Big-Hearted: Writing Newfoundland

By Dr. Stuart Pierson

Book Cover: Hard-Headed and Big-Hearted: Writing Newfoundland

The essays of the late history professor Dr. Stuart Pierson have been compiled into a book. Hard-Headed and Big-Hearted: Writing Newfoundland, published under Flanker Press' new imprint, Pennywell Books, was launched on Remembrance Day - a fitting day to pay tribute to an old friend, said Stan Dragland, who compiled and edited the book after Dr. Pierson's death in 2001.

Dr. Pierson moved to Newfoundland to join Memorial's History Department in 1970, and was an ardent supporter of the intrinsic value of an education in the humanities. As he once observed, "I am not a 'Newfoundlander,' it takes a few generations to achieve that." Nonetheless, he was known for his passionate and incisive commentary on Newfoundland historical, literary, and visual culture. All of his significant writings are captured in this volume.

Portrait of Dr. Stuart Pierson

Dr. Stuart Pierson

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the book go to the scholarship fund, The Stuart Pierson Prize, which is awarded annually to a student enrolled full time in the master's of philosophy humanities program, or in the MA or BA Honours programs in History.

In keeping with Dr. Pierson's interests, preference is given to students who show particular promise in the history of ideas, historiography, or the history of science.

Hard-Headed and Big-Hearted is available at the University Bookstore.