Research Report 2007

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The European Union in the wake of Eastern enlargement: Institutional and policy-making challenges

Edited by Dr. Osvaldo Croci and Amy Verdun

Book Cover: The European Union in the wake of Eastern enlargement

What will happen to the European Union in the wake of expansion? What are the institutional and policy-making changes in light of enlargement?

This book deals with the theoretical, conceptual and historical processes that led to EU enlargement. It discusses the effects of enlargement on selected European Union policies (agriculture, single market, foreign, security and defence policy, immigration), and looks at the effect of the institutional reforms that were made at Amsterdam and Nice, as well as considering the significance of the debates on the Constitution.

Portrait of Dr. Osvaldo Croci

Dr. Osvaldo Croci

This book is ideal for adoption as a "follow-up" textbook on the European Union, but will also be of interest to academics doing research in the field of contemporary European Integration. It contains chapters by leading European scholars from both sides of the Atlantic. The chapters report current research and employ a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives. This book is unique in looking at the issues that the EU faces in the aftermath of Eastern enlargement.

Dr. Osvaldo Croci is associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Memorial.

Amy Verdun holds the Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Victoria.