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Counselling Ethics: Issues and Cases

By William E. Schulz, Glenn W. Sheppard, Ron Lehr and Blythe Shepard

Book Cover: Counselling Ethics: Issues and Cases

During their professional careers, counsellors face many challenging ethical issues and dilemmas, and it is vitally important that they know about ethical principles, ethical articles and ethical decision making. This book is intended to help counsellors in dealing with these areas.

Counselling Ethics is divided into two main sections: the issues section and the cases section.

Part One of the book examines key ethical issues and dilemmas that counsellors may confront. These issues provide ethical challenges in the area of informed consent, confidentiality, boundary issues, diversity, research and supervision.

Many of the cases and stimulus questions in the second part of the book are intended to make counsellors more contextually sensitive, taking into consideration the client’s culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, ethnic background and any other characteristics that are generally viewed as being somewhat unique.

The cases used in the book are from actual counselling situations. Positive and negative case examples are provided so that readers can see clearly the intention of each of the many articles in the Canadian Counselling Association Code of Ethics.

Counselling Ethics is perfectly suited for both structured, classroom-based counsellor education and for private study.

Counselling Ethics: Issues and Cases is published by the Canadian Counselling Association.

A retired professor of counsellor education, Dr. Glenn Sheppard served as president of the Canadian Counselling Association from 2001-2003.