A Voyage to Newfoundland

By Julien Thoulet

A Voyage to Newfoundland

A Voyage to Newfoundland By Julien Thoulet

Translated and edited by Dr. Scott Jamieson, the first English translation of an 1886 chronicle of Newfoundland and its coasts written in the great tradition of nineteenth-century French travel literature.

Newfoundland, a former British colony, has historically been seen through English imperial eyes. In his entertaining travelogue, French geologist, cartographer, and oceanographer Julien Thoulet portrays the Newfoundland of 1886 from a French Enlightenment and Romantic perspective in which scientific discourse and historical and philosophical reflection are central.

In his translation of Thoulet’s travelogue, Dr. Scott Jamieson remains faithful to the elegance and wit of the original. A Voyage to Newfoundland is full of intriguing detail about the landscape, local culture, origins of place names, flora, oceanography, and state of the French fishery. Several chapters are devoted to the fisheries and controversies over their exploitation - including ominous signs of early failure of the inshore cod fishery.


Dr. Jamieson

A Voyage to Newfoundland is illustrated with 42 of Thoulet’s own photographs, only four of which were part of the original French publication. Dr. Jamieson also provides a detailed introduction and annotations explaining obscure technical and historical references. This book is a timely addition to our understanding of Newfoundland’s storied past.

Peter Neary, Department of History, University of Western Ontario, said the historical literature of Newfoundland and Labrador will be considerably enriched by this lively and sophisticated work. “Just the book to take along on a tour of Newfoundland, Labrador, and Cape Breton.”

Roland le Huenen, Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto, said “Thoulet is a keen observer and talented writer and Jamieson’s fluent translation wisely retains the flavour of Thoulet’s fin de siècle style.”

Dr. Jamieson is associate professor, Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University of Newfoundland.