Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory

By Drs. Edgar Goodaire and Michael Parmenter

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory

Far more “user friendly” than the vast majority of similar books, the third edition of this volume is truly written with the unsophisticated reader in mind. The pace is leisurely, but the authors are rigorous and maintain a serious attitude towards theorem proving throughout. The book emphasizes “active reading,” a skill vital to success in learning how to write proofs. It offers two sections on probability, moves material on depthfirst search, which previously comprised an entire (very short) chapter, to an earlier chapter where it fits more naturally. The new volume rewrites a section on RNA chains to include a new (and easier) algorithm for the recovery of an RNA chain from its complete enzyme digest, provides true/false questions (with all answers in the back of the book) in every section and features an appendix on matrices. This volume is a useful reference for mathematics enthusiasts who want to learn how to write proofs.

Yoonjin Lee of Smith College said that students generally have a difficult time writing proofs and this text shows nice ways to write proofs. “The text handles difficult topics very well by exhibiting a lot of examples. The way the authors start each section in a highly motivated manner is very impressive. I also like the way they explain their concepts with lots of examples.”

Goodaire and Michael Parmenter

Drs. Edgar Goodaire and Michael Parmenter

Added Doug Bullock from Boise State University: “This is a good book if you are teaching a discrete math course in mathematical topics with a mathematically sound level of rigour and abstraction. This is really quite an achievement, and I would very much like to teach that course from this book.”

Drs. Goodaire and Parmenter are professors in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Discrete Mathematics is published by Prentice Hall.