Avalon Chronicles: The English in America 1497-1696. Volume 8

Edited by Dr. James A. Tuck and Barry Gaulton

Dr. James A. Tuck

Avalon Chronicles looks at 200 years of English exploration, exploitation and settlement in North America between the Canadian Arctic and Virginia. The perspective of the collection, while not ignoring historical sources, is archaeological and is meant to serve as a means of communication among researchers in the early colonial history and archaeology of eastern North America.

The book focuses on the last decade, which has seen a remarkable fluorescence in the archaeology of the early English presence in North America. The beginning date 1497 was chosen as it was in that year that the Italian navigator John Cabot landed somewhere between Labrador and Cape Breton and claimed a large portion of North America for his sponsor, Henry VII of England. The end date of 1696 concludes the second century of an English presence in the New World.

The book includes a chapter on The English at Newfoundland in the century after John Cabot, by Dr. Peter Pope of Memorial's Archaeology Unit, and another on the archaeology of Ferryland until 1696 by James Tuck and Barry Gaulton.

Avalon Chronicles is published annually by the Colony of Avalon Foundation. This volume was made possible with the assistance of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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