Flavour of Meat, Meat Products and Seafood

Edited by Fereidoon Shahidi

Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi

These five recent publications, all co-authored or co-edited by Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi, University Research Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, share the common aspects of food and nutrition as related to nutraceuticals, functional foods and their association to health promotion and disease risk reduction.

The text, Flavour of Meat, Meat Products and Seafoods is a translation of the book first published by Blackie Academic and Professional in 2001. There are 18 chapters in this book and these provide an overview of food flavour related to different species of red meat, poultry and seafood. The affect of processing on food flavour generation is also covered. Analytical methodologies assessing flavour quality of products have also been described. This is perhaps the first time a scientific book from MUN has been translated into Chinese.

Phenolics in Food and Nutraceuticals focuses on how nutraceutical and functional foods' protective and preventative roles can help alleviate cancer, heart disease and other chronic ailments. This text, summarized in 10 chapters, examines phenolic and polyphenolic compounds in foods, largely derived from plants, providing classification and nomenclature of phenolics as well as quantifying and analyzing the presence of phenolics in foods and nutraceuticals, including herbal products.

The 25 chapters in Quality of Fresh and Processed Foods focus on colour, aroma, taste, texture, general nutrition, shelf-life, stability and possible presence of undesirable constituents in foods. Intended as a text for food scientists, nutritionists and biochemists, this book discusses various quality characteristics in both fresh and freshly-processed foods. In addition, process-induced changes in foods have been presented.

Food factors integral to good health are the focal point of Food Factors in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. The 37 chapters in this book discuss gene modulation, chemistry, bioactivity and bioavailability of various compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and other edible plants. This book also addresses the link between food and disease risk reduction. The role of food factors in gene reduction, signal transduction, and biomarkers constitute an integral part of this book.

Nutraceutical Beverages: Chemistry, Nutrition and Health Effects concentrates on the link between diet and health/disease. It focuses not only on beverages derived from fruits and vegetables, but also those made from dairy and soy, among others. As a means for providing up-to-date data from the field, this text is aimed not only at scientists and health professionals, but also to consumers and industries. There are 31 chapters in this book.

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