Research excellence award for medical researcher

Dr. Sudesh Vasdev

Dr. Sudesh Vasdev, a professor in the Division of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, will receive the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists' (CSCC) Research Excellence Award for 2005. This award is presented in recognition of an individual's contribution to research directly or indirectly related to clinical chemistry.

In informing Dr. Vasdev that he has been chosen to receive this award, CSCC president Dr. Connie Prosser said his research has contributed to a better understanding of clinical laboratory testing and influenced the practice of clinical chemistry over the years. Dr. Vasdev is recognized in particular for his work with digoxin immunoassays and his studies of renal function.

Using three different animal models of hypertension, Dr. Vasdev has shown that the addition of heparin to drinking water normalized elevated systolic blood pressure. His work has shown that oral heparin may prevent and even reverse renal vascular damage in human hypertension and associated renal disease, and has the potential to be used as an ideal antihypertensive drug.

Dr. Vasdev will be presented with the CSCC Research Excellence Award at the joint annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists and the American Association of Clinical Chemistry in Orlando, Florida, July 24-28, 2005.