Topsides model donated to Marine Institute

Dr. Axel Meisen (L) accepts the SeaRose FPSO topsides model along with Ryan St. John, AMKC project director Pierre Jérôme, MI executive director Leslie O'Reilly, Ray Burry, Paul Cooper and Sebastien Halliday. St. John, Burry, Cooper and Halliday are MUN engineering students who assisted with the model construction.

Offshore training clients and ship design students at Memorial University will have a unique learning tool at their disposal thanks to a donation by Aker Maritime Kiewit Contractors (AMKC) of their topsides model of White Rose's SeaRose FPSO, valued at approximately $1 million.

The custom built, plastic model of the SeaRose FPSO topsides, consisting of 16 topside modules and the ship deck, was built by AMKC in parallel with their detailed engineering effort in St. John's and their module fabrication work in Marystown. The primary purpose of the topsides is to process crude oil extracted from the reservoir for temporary storage within the FPSO vessel before being periodically transferred to shuttle tankers for transport to market. The model was used to aid in clash checking; validate plant and equipment serviceability; facilitate constructability analysis; assist project planners; and as a general project information tool to keep all members of the multi-disciplinary AMKC team informed as to the status of the unfolding final design.

The 1:33 scale model is approximately 6.4 metres long, 1.5 m wide, and 2.5 meters in height. Lead model builder, Alan Daniels of Dandesign 2002 Inc., and four Memorial engineering students took approximately 8,600 hours over 22 months to create and assemble the model containing an estimated 150,000 pieces.

“We are confident that the Memorial University, in particular its Marine Institute, will find the model to be of continuing benefit as a unique training tool to educate its students and offshore clients alike,” said Pierre Jérôme, AMKC's project director, who was on hand to make the donation.

“We are thrilled to have this model,” said Leslie O'Reilly, executive director of the Marine Institute, as he thanked AMKC for their donation. “We especially appreciate the AMKC's commitment and support to the Marine Institute and our work in the offshore petroleum industry.

The three-dimensional scale model will be used to provide a hands-on approach to teach design and construction in the naval architecture and marine engineering systems design programs and to demonstrate offshore processing for industrial clients. The model will also be available for scheduled public viewing.