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Sacred Cows, Righteous Beefs

{Dr. B. Mark Schoenberg}
Dr. B. Mark Schoenberg

By Dr. B. Mark Schoenberg
Sacred Cows are not to be talked about. That's the nature of the beast. By definition, they're sacrosanct — not open to question. Which doesn't sit well with a whole lot of people. So they beef about it. And as often as not, the beefs are righteous.

Political correctness is today's icon, the contemporary sacred cow. The objectives are okay — all right, maybe better than okay! — but once in a while the PC folk get carried away and allow zeal to override commonsense. So then the message is apt to be shot down along with the messenger. And that's a shame. Or to paraphrase Trollope, How can theories stand the wear and tear of practice once they've been bent out of shape?

This book targets politically correct yuckiness. Many dumb things are said and done in the name of political correctness. Dr. Schoenberg takes aim at some of the dumbness, and at the psychobabble and bafflegab that have become trademarks of the movement.

The author interviews a number of people presumed to have expertise in socio-political matters. While a couple of the experts are clearly out to lunch, others do provide valuable insight. For balance, Dr. Schoenberg goes online to check things out with some of the regulars on the message boards. These folk are not shy about giving their opinion, on any subject. Some of the comments are profound, others are profane. But on balance, funny as hell.

Be warned. This book is politically incorrect. It will raise hackles, and the chattering classes will not be amused.

Professor emeritus Mark Schoenberg was director of the University Counselling Centre from 1971 to 1993. His research interests focus on professional issues in counselling, counselling psychology, and the place of counselling in the structure of the college and/or university. His book is available at amazon.com.

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