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Labrador Through Moravian Eyes: 250 Years of Art, Photographs and Records

{Dr. Hans Rollmann}
Dr. Hans Rollmann

By Dr. Hans Rollmann
Following the reunification of Germany, access to the vast historical records held by the Moravian Archives in what had been communist-governed East Germany became possible. Housed at the archives is a unique collection of about 800 glass-plate photo negatives which were taken by the Moravian Missionaries in Labrador from the 1870s to the first decades of the 20th century. Also preserved are rare manuscript maps of northern Labrador and architects' drawings, plans, and paintings of missionary settlements in Labrador.

The year 2002 marked the 250th anniversary of the arrival of Moravian missionaries in Labrador. The Moravians were meticulous record keepers who wrote reports, drew maps and painted their Labrador surroundings. In the 1870s they added photography to their recording tools. Together their records give us their view of what life at the mission stations was like for Inuit and missionaries.

Approximately 200 of these photographs and art were displayed through an exhibit telling the story of the Moravians and their presence among the Inuit and settlers in Labrador. An appropriate historical narrative will place these images into a Labrador historical context.

Labrador Through Moravian Eyes is a high-quality, soft cover volume that contains all the black and white photographs of the panel exhibit component of the traveling exhibit. The Department of Tourism, Culture, and Recreation was instrumental in copying and preserving these rare images.

Hans Rollmann is a professor of Religious Studies at Memorial.

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